Digital Packaging Capabilities

Zumbiel Digital is a full-service paperboard packaging firm focused on industrial scale mass-customization. We offer an array of digitally printed folding cartons that few in the world can match; we produce on a scale that no one can match.

Digital Solutions

Zumbiel Digital understands the need to engage consumers, in a genuine manner, both at retail and in social media. Through the combination of digital packaging and web-based interactivity, we offer brands the means to engage and differentiate on a global scale.

Web to Box™

Zumbiel Digital literally invented the industrial scale, low cost Web To Box™ production model. CPGs can upload carton graphics and have cartons delivered in less time than analog producers require to produce printing plates and tooling. When speed to market and cost are mission critical, there is no faster, more economical solution than Web To Box™.

Mass Customization

It is a challenge to be all things to all people, in all regions, and in all languages. Zumbiel Digital simplifies the challenge. With high speed digital production and workflows, CPGs can deliver custom tailored packaging to an infinite number of unique audiences around the globe without enduring the expense and lead time traditionally associated with highly variable artwork.

Instant Gratification

Zumbiel Digital believes that product packaging should be as timely as a newspaper, and now it can be. With our IG program, we can receive your digital art immediately after the “big game” or “big event” and have a full truckload of celebratory packaging on the road within eight hours. IG is the preferred way for CPGs to share the moment, before the moment passes.

360° Social Media Engagement

Social media is where and how consumers live. Zumbiel Digital offers tools, workflows and digital packaging to help creative CPGs blur the line between social media and consumers’ physical reality. We do so by transforming product packaging into millions of social media nodes that can be both physically and electronically shared by consumers.

Mass Randomization

In addition to enabling the mass customization of packaging, Zumbiel Digital allows CPGs to decorate all, or a portion, of their packages with computer generated graphics in such a manner that no two cartons are identical. The larger the retail footprint, the more stunning this effect becomes.

Serialization/Product Verification

In an age of counterfeit goods, ensuring that pharmaceuticals are authentic has never been more important for consumers. With unique QR codes digitally applied to every package, Zumbiel Digital and our mobile app partners empower consumers and retailers to instantly determine the authenticity of their products.

Digital News

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About Us

At Zumbiel Digital we are obsessed with expanding the boundaries of digital package printing as a business tool. We do however dabble in the black art of analog printing, and offer a full range of lithographic and flexographic folding carton solutions.