Digital Solutions

Web to Box™

Specifically designed for the craft beverage industry (but applicable to many more), Zumbiel Digital’s Web To Box™ production model answers the call for short lead times and low order quantities. Our minimum order quantity for custom beverage cartons via Web to Box™ is just 180 cartons.

We have monthly production runs for 6-pack basket carriers. Without fail, we run 6-packs the fourth week of every month. For all other carton constructions, please contact us! You’ll be glad you did.

Step 1:Select your Web to Box™ carton style from our menu, and either download the die template in Adobe Illustrator, or design your carton in the cloud with our foolproof online design tools.
Step 2:Upload your design, and go make your beer.
For a nominal charge, we can also generate a press-proof for you to review prior to scheduled production runs.

Mass Customization

Whether marketing beer, soft drinks, food or pharmaceuticals, there is a constant need to effectively segment target markets.

Zumbiel Digital’s versioning capabilities make the process of creating an unlimited number of unique, yet consistent, packages simple and affordable:

Step 1: Create static design elements to feature on every package (e.g. logo, trade dress, nutritional facts, etc.);
Step 2: Create and transmit unlimited variable design elements (along with meta-data, e.g. zip codes, relating to the variable elements); and,
Step 3: Relax. Hyper-segmentation is on its way.

Instant Gratification

News cycles are short, attention spans even shorter. If you want your packaging to relate to a current event or consumer trend, you need to move fast. Zumbiel Digital’s IG program can assist.

With our industrial scale digital printing lines, maintaining relevance and connecting with your target audience is a pain free, if not enjoyable, experience.

Step 1:Create the “static” packaging template into which you want to insert your iconic post-event image(s);
Step 2:After (or during) an event, electronically transmit your event image(s) to Zumbiel Digital;
Step 3:Then give us 8-10 hours to print, glue and ship your first truckload of cartons.

360° Social Media Engagement

It is next to impossible to untether social media addicts (i.e. your consumers) from their smart phones and tablets, so why bother? Instead, deploy our proven 360° SME tools and become a welcome guest within your consumers’ social media bubbles.

With high speed digital printing and electronic workflows, the possibilities for transforming packaging into relevant, interactive social media nodes are endless, and not at all difficult to execute:

Step 1: Promote consumer engagement on your website; allow consumers to create/personalize a pre-selected component of your retail package;
Step 2: Electronically render consumers’ personalized packages in 3-D, and enable them to “share” their virtual creations (i.e. electronic images of your retail packages) instantly on social media platforms;
Step 3: Dump files on us. We will create physical packages and ship to targeted bottling/canning geographies according to meta-data collected during the online customization process; and,
Step 4: Utilize unique, digitally printed “Call to Action” codes inside the packages to encourage retail purchasers to circle back to your website for more engagement.

Mass Randomization

In a world of uniformity, being different can be a good thing–especially if you are a package on a retail shelf.

Zumbiel Digital makes the process of creating an unlimited number of unique packages simple and affordable:

Step 1:Identify the portion(s) of your retail package that you want to randomize;
Step 2:Select you favorite algorithm for random graphic images, or have your design agency transmit the variable random images you want on your package; and,
Step 3:Relax. It’s done!

Serialization/Product Verification

By combining the power of unique, digitally printed data matrixes, cloud-based relational databases, and smart phones, we give you and your consumers all the tools necessary to track your product through retail and verify its authenticity.

Not only can you and your consumers determine if a product is definitely a counterfeit because it contains QR codes that are not part of a recognized database, we can also alert you and consumers of highly suspect product if, for example, the QR code does not conform to cloud-based security criteria such as probable geographic point of sale, retailer identity, inner-pack coding, etc.

Our total traceability/verification solution involves the use of third-party IT providers. Please contact us for complete program details.