Production Digital

Economic Order Quantities of

1 to 1 million+

The Future of Printing

From versioning to fully variable content, production scale digital printing offers customers the widest variety of variable graphics without cost prohibitive up charges.

Optimal output of each line:

10 million +

Large format¹ cartons per month

20 million +

Medium format² cartons per month

1 e.g. 21 x 21 in. 12-pack
2 e.g. 11 x 14 in. 4-pack

Industrial Scale Meets Mass Customization

The perfect combination of high speed digital and flexographic processes for unparalleled variable throughput.

Our water-based inks
and coatings meet strict
environmental and
recycling requirements,
including the

Swiss ordinance.

Integrated Production

We print (in simplex and/or duplex), varnish and die-cut in a single operation to ensure high throughput and low waste.

Digital Placement of

2 Billion

drops per second.

The Hybrid Revolution

900 x 600 DPI resolution digital print for litho quality variable graphics, and 150 line flexo for ‘spot-on’ brand colors.

Pantone color gamut coverage


including metallic inks.

A New Standard for Digital Color

Hybrid digital printing maintains PMS colors at or below a Delta E of 2.0 without sacrificing your ability to include variable content on your package.

Max Carton Size (flat)

Min Carton Size (flat)

Print Mode:

Paperboard Weight

Paperboard Thickness

Paperboard Varieties

Overprint Varnishes

Technical Data

  • 30 x 23 inches
  • 1.5 x 2.5 inches
  • Simplex 9/0 + varnish
    Duplex 8/1 + varnish
  • 40 lbs/msf – 84 lbs/msf
  • .012 – .021 inches
  • C1S, C2S and uncoated
  • Aqueous, UV (matte and gloss)